Winter excursion to GSI, Darmstadt

Today, computational engineering students and several colleagues from our work group of computational electromagnetics made an excursion to the GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung. We visited the ion sources, the linear accelerator, the control room and we had a look to the prototype of the Super-FRS Magnet of the FAIR project. Thanks to the GSI for the tour and the important research that you do!

Wim Schoenmaker (Magwel) visits Darmstadt

magwel-logoDr. Wim Schoenmaker from Magwel NV (Leuven, Belgium) visits TEMF and the Graduate School CE next week. On Monday (1 Dec 2014, 16:15–17:45; Location: S2|17-103) he will talk on Electrostatic discharge (ESD). It is a serious design concern in microelectronic device fabrication and usage. Current spikes of the order of amperes active over a time lap of a nanosecond need to be screened off from the core circuits by ESD protection devices. On-chip silicon controlled rectifiers are used for this purpose. The fast transient effect lead to appreciable induced magnetic fields and a detailed understanding of the temporal response requires that the induced magnetic fields are included. In this talk we will discuss the transient electromagnetic approach to semiconductor device engineering and for completeness also discuss a numerical implementation of the self-induced Lorentz force effects. Although the latter have a small impact on the final results, the computation of these effects is very demanding. In particular, the Newton-Raphson scheme shows peculiar convergence behavior which is not fully understood so far.

HiPerCH 2 Workshop

Der zweite High Performance Computing Hessen (HiPerCH 2) Workshop findet am 22.-24. September 2014 in Darmstadt statt. Dieser Workshop richtet sich an alle hessischen Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler, die Hochleistungsrechner für ihre Forschung einsetzen. Die Veranstaltungen haben als Ziel, die Kompetenzen im Bereich des Hochleistungsrechnen auszubauen und zu festigen. Weitere Informationen und die Anmeldung finden Sie hier. Ich trage am Montag um 14:15 zum Thema GPUs im Computational Engineering vor.

Kepler arrived in Darmstadt

GPU in Hampshire Today a brand new nVidia K20 with Kepler architecture arrived in my office in Darmstadt. It was immediately configured thanks to our administrator Christian Schmitt. The card will be used to accelerate the solution process of linear systems in finite difference based schemes. This is a joint research work with Christian Richter and Markus Clemens. We aim to present first results at the nineteenth COMPUMAG Conference on the Computation of Electromagnetic Fields which is held from June, 30 to July, 4 in Budapest, Hungary.