Pressemitteilung zu PASIROM

Die technische Universität Darmstadt hat eine Pressemitteilung zu PASIROM veröffentlicht: Forschungsprojekt von Universitäten und Industriepartnern gestartet. Mit mathematischen Methoden das optimale Design für Energiewandler finden: Dieser Aufgabe widmet sich das gerade gestartete Forschungsprojekt PASIROM, an dem drei Universitäten und zwei Anwendungspartner beteiligt sind. Continue reading →

Talk on the simulation of electrical machines by Lars Kielhorn

logo_tailsitDr. Lars Kielhorn from TailSiT GmbH, Graz (Austria) talks on 25 Jul 2016, 16:15–17:45 (room S4|10-314) in the seminar on Computational Engineering. Abstract: Electrical machines commonly consist of moving and stationary parts, e.g., an electric motor features a rotor and a stator. If volume based numerical schemes such as the Finite Element Method (FEM) are applied the electromagnetic simulation of such devices is a challenging task since the variation of the geometrical configuration needs to be incorporated into the numerical scheme. Continue reading

Albert Ruehli is visiting GSCE/TEMF

This week Albert E. Ruehli is visiting the Graduate School CE and TEMF at TU Darmstadt. He has been a member of various projects with IBM, including mathematical analysis, semiconductor circuits, and devices modeling, and as Manager of a VLSI design and CAD group. He has made key contributions to modified nodal analysis, waveform relaxation and the partial element equivalent circuits method.

fp7-nanoCOPS Workshop in Berlin

Logos nanoCOPSAll participants of the European project nanoCOPS (Nanoelectronic Coupled Problems Solutions) meet next week in Berlin to discuss their results. TU Darmstadt contributes mainly with analytical models for the estimation of bond wire heating and efficient time-stepping techniques for numerical simulations of coupled electromagnetic/heat problems.