Michal Maciejewski from CERN is visiting CE

CERNlogoSScadreOn Friday, July 1st Michal Maciejewski from CERN and Lodz University of Technology is visiting Computational Engineering at TU Darmstadt in the framework of the STEAM (“Simulation of Transient Effects in Accelerator Magnets”) cooperation, see e.g. this presentation. The aim of this project is the accurate prediction of quenches.

Conference YIC GACM 2015 (featuring Amy Farrah Fowler)

yic_amyThe YIC GACM took place last week in Aachen with several highlights: Thorben Casper gave a talk on electrothermal simulation of bondwires as part of our research for the nanoCOPS project and contributed to the science slam on Wednesday. On Friday, Tom Hughes and Alfio Quarteroni gave great presentations on isogeometric analysis and reduced bases, respectively while Mayim Bialik aka Amy Farrah Fowler talked about her scientific and acting career, addressing in particular role models and women in science. Surprisingly, media seems to cover only the last event.

ASIM 2014: Mathematische Verfahren in Modellbildung und Simulation

ASIM LogoDonnerstag, den 20.2.2014 bin ich in Reutlingen auf dem Workshop der ASIM/GI-Fachgruppen STS und GMMS Simulation technischer Systeme und Grundlagen und Methoden in Modellbildung und Simulation um über Convergence of Dynamic Iteration for Coupled Engineering Problems zu sprechen. Mein Vortrag ist um 15:30 im R1-112 Wolfgang-Leibfried-Hörsaal (Download slides).

Talk on Cosimulation at ULg

Coupled Pendulum simulated by Dynamic Iteration. Applet based on http://demonstrations.wolfram.com/CoupledPendulumOscillations/On Friday, November 8, I will give an introduction in field/circuit coupling and dynamic iteration (picture on the right hand side shows a simple example from mechanics) at the Montefiore Institute of the Université de Liège:

  • Room: 1.94, building B28, parking P32.
  • Time: 14:00 to 15:00
This talk within the IAP workshops series is organized by the group of Christophe Geuzaine.

New article published in SISC

SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing (image taken from www.siam.org

Andreas Bartel, Markus Brunk, Michael Günther, and I have published a new article in the current issue 35(2) of SIAM’s Journal of Scientific Computing (Section: Computational Methods in Science and Engineering). The paper discusses dynamic iteration for coupled problems of electric circuits and distributed devices.

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DMV Tagung, Köln

Auf der Tagung des deustchen Mathematikerverbandes habe ich einen Vortrag zum “Mehrskalenverfahren für die Feld- und Netzwerkkopplung” gehalten: es wurden vor allem Mehrskalenverfahren in der Zeit für die schwachgekoppelte Simulation von räumlichverteilten elektromagnetischen Bauteilen mit elektrischen Netzwerken besprochen.

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