Talks at URSI EMTS 2013 Japan

Logo_URSINext week there will be two talks from my group at the URSI EMTS 2013, Japan:

SCEE in Finland

Refined RLC CircuitI’m back from the SCEE 2008 (Scientific Computing in Electrical Engineering) Conference in Espoo, Finland.
The picture on the left is given to illustrate my coupling approach during my talk about circuits refined by 3-D conductor models. The circuit is given in terms of the modified nodal analysis and the field is discretized by the finite integration technique. The coupled system is introduced and analyzed; numerical results are obtained by co-simulation (“weak coupling”) and monolithic coupling (“strong”). The basic ideas are taken from my master thesis, but there are new additional theoretical and numerical results.
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This is my thesis on computational electromagnetics, from the abstract:

3D Transformer ModelElectric circuits contain devices that exhibit multi-physical effects. We may think of electric or magnetic, but also thermal effects. Traditionally these devices are idealized and only one effect is considered, while the others are disregarded. This yields simple laws that mathematically express their transient behaviour, but does not conform to reality. So sometimes these models are not accurate enough and one wants to simulate a particular device with a refined model. We shall present such a refined modelling approach for electromagnetic devices in this treatise.

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