Textmate and Octave

Textmate is a great OpenSource text editor for Mac OS. It can handle many programming languages (syntax highlighting, snippets, special commands) by bundles.

You find at GitHub my fork of the Matlab Textmate Bundle. It features improved Octave syntax support and allows to execute code by pressing [CMD]+R. The script looks for a terminal running Octave (or Matlab) and pastes the code by Applescript (similar to the code of DGrady).

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Invited Talk at OctConf 2013 on Coupled Simulations (UPDATE)

Next week I will attend OctConf 2013. From the official announcement: “Following the success of OctConf 2012 which brought together users and developers for five days in July in the French Canadian summer, the first european OctConf will be held in Milan, Italy on June 24-26 2013”. I will give an invited talk on “Niobe – an Octave/Matlab Based Environment for Coupled Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Field Simulations in Teaching and Research”, co-author is Herbert De Gersem (with contributions from A. Bartel, M. Clemens, M. Günther, C. Kaufmann, J. ter Maten and D. Schmidthäusler). You can find the slides here.

UPDATE 1: Live Blog at Octave’s Google+ site.

UPDATE 2: At OctConf 2013 were several presentation given from Google Summer of Code students, for example one deals with new incomplete factorizations for preconditioning (by Kai Torben Ohlhus) and another one is concerned with a general purpose PDE package (Gedeone). Stay tuned!