New paper on MOR for nonlinear problems

Under the doi 10.3390/mca23010008 Felix Fritzen, Bernard Haasdonk, David Ryckelynck any myself have published a new paper on an algorithmic discussion of competing parametric model reduction techniques for nonlinear problems in Mathematical and Computational Applications. The Galerkin reduced basis (RB) formulation is presented, which fails at providing significant gains with respect to the computational efficiency for nonlinear problems. Renowned methods for the reduction of the computing time of nonlinear reduced order models are investigated. All approaches are applied to a simple uncertainty quantification of a planar nonlinear thermal conduction problem. The paper is free under CC BY 4.0.

Flux Distribution in a Transformer

I have written a simulation package FIDES to test multi rate time integration in coupled electromagnetic field and electric circruit equations. The package is part of the COMSON Demonstrator Platform, using OCTAVE as its interpreter.
Recently I wanted to visualize my results. I used ffmpeg to produce a movie from several plots of the flux distribution inside a transformer.

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