Alfred2 Workflows (Update 2)

Alfred Bibdesk Worklow in action
Alfred Bibdesk Worklow in action
I have written some workflows for Alfred which should make the life of people working with an Apple Mac in science (mathematics, physics, engineering, …) more comfortable, see the Code section. For those who do not know Alfred: it is an “productivity application” or a very feature rich application launcher if you like. Alfred is based on spotlight but significantly increases its flexibility.

Update: All workflow include alleyoop updates.

You probably need to buy the Powerpack to use the workflows.

Seminar Computational Magnetics

Eddy Currents

This term the chair of Applied Mathematics offers a seminar on Computational Magnetics. The aim is to understand scientific computing by improving our in-house magnetoquasistatic simulation package ‘FIDES‘.

All the typical tasks of applied mathematics will be covered: modeling, software design, coding, testing, simulation und visualization. This course follows up the lecture from 2010.

Octave 3.4.2 on openSUSE 11.4

Finally, the science repository for openSUSE comes with a recent Octave version that supports UMFPACK. Add the corresponding repository

sudo zypper ar opensuse:science

and install the package

sudo zypper in octave

You verify that UMFPACK works by the following computation


which solves a linear system with a sparse symmetric positive definite system matrix A and prints the residual to the console.

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Compile Octave on openSUSE 11.3 [Update 2]

Update: The science package for openSUSE contains a recent and working Octave package, see this blog post. It is not necessary to compile your own package.

There is no adequate octave package for openSUSE with SuiteSparse support, therefore one has to compile it manually. The following steps will install all dependencies for Octave 3.2.4, then compile octave, create a rpm package and install it on openSUSE 11.3.

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Flux Distribution in a Transformer

I have written a simulation package FIDES to test multi rate time integration in coupled electromagnetic field and electric circruit equations. The package is part of the COMSON Demonstrator Platform, using OCTAVE as its interpreter.
Recently I wanted to visualize my results. I used ffmpeg to produce a movie from several plots of the flux distribution inside a transformer.

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