DFG Project Grant

DFG Logo blauThe Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation) will fund my project on “Parallele und explizite Verfahren für die Simulation von Wirbelstromproblemen” (Parallel and Explicit Methods for the Eddy Current Problem) with grant number SCHO1562/1-1. The project is part of a joint initiative with Markus Clemens.

The efficient design of electromagnetic and electrokinetic energy transducers (transformers, motors, generators, actuators and eddy current brakes etc.) requires a profound knowledge of the magnetic fields and fluxes in the devices. The numerical simulation of the quasistatic magnetic fields and their interaction is an important and cheap alternative to measurements („virtual prototyping“).

In this research proposal we will develop the fundamentals for new numerical methods and improve existing schemes for the efficient explicit computation of low-frequent electromagnetic fields. The aim is to solve larger problems in less time by using parallel computing architectures. We propose in particular the combination of Discontinous Galerkin Finite Elements with explicit Runge-Kutta time-integration methods. This allows to make good use of the computing power of multi-core architectures (e.g. general purpose graphics processor units) because many (parallel) operations can be performed with low data communication.