STEAM Collaboration Meeting 2017

From September 21st-22nd experts from CERN, Geneva and Tampere University of Technology, Finland and Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany meet at the Graduate School CE, Darmstadt. They discuss models and methods for the simulations of transient effects in superconducting magnets and circuits. The key feature of the STEAM framework is the co-simulation of numerical models. Continue reading →

Quench Simulation Workshop with CERN

The workshop on quench simulation (18 to 19 Aug 2014) brings together researchers and developers from CERN, Geneva, the Graduate School CE and the Computational Electromagnetics Laboratory (TEMF), TU Darmstadt. They will discuss on efficient numerical multi-phyiscs simulation techniques for transient effects in superconducting accelerator magnets. Modeling of the multi-physical system, methods for the numerical treatment but also stability and implementational aspects will be covered. Continue reading →